The mammalian brain poses a formidable challenge to the study and treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases – owing to the complex interaction of genetic, epigenetic, and circuit-level mechanisms underlying pathogenesis. Technologies that facilitate functional dissection of distinct brain circuits are necessary for systematic identification of disease origin and therapy. Our group is developing and applying molecular and optical technologies for probing brain function in health and disease. We hope that these new approaches will improve our understanding and treatment of brain diseases.

Funding Sources:

  • NIH Transformative Research Award (TR01)
  • McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
  • Michael Boylan
  • Bob Metcalfe
  • Simons Foundation
  • Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
  • NIH Director's Pioneer Award
  • W. M. Keck Foundation Medical Research Program Grant
  • Klingenstein Fellowship
  • Searle Scholars Program
  • Vallee Foundation
McKnight Endowment for Neuroscience