5/5/2014 We are seeking a genome-wide screening technician.

Genetic Screening Research Associate


Join the Zhang Lab: an interdisciplinary team of scientists developing and applying technologies for genome and transcription engineering. Contribute to large-scale experiments designed to identify new candidate genes relevant to cellular function and disease phenotypes.

Work as part of a small team to execute high-throughput lentiviral genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screens, including virus production and transduction of cultured cells. Responsibilities include: cell culture, screening protocols, next-generation sequencing prep, and data analysis.

  • Execute high-throughput genome-wide lentiviral screens.
  • Perform cell culture on many parallel cell lines, at high capacity.
  • Lentivirus production, titration, and resistance selection for transduction.
  • Assist in a variety of molecular reagent preparations including: next-generation sequencing library prep, plasmid DNA production and purification.
  • Involvement in data analysis in accordance with candidate’s interest.


  • Significant experience with mammalian tissue culture.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a life science related field.
  • Keen attention to detail; ability to precisely follow experimental protocols.
  • Manage quantitative aspects of cell-based experiments. Examples: accurate cell plating, growth rate tracking, calculation of transduction efficiencies.
  • Willingness and ability to work in a very clean tissue culture facility, such as a biosafety level 2+ lab.
  • Start date no later than July 1. Immediate availability is a significant plus.

Useful Skills

  • Prior experience with production, titration, and application of lentiviral vectors.
  • Experience with next-generation sequencing.
  • Experience with flow cytometry or FACS.
  • Experience with DNA based techniques: PCR, plasmid purification, genomic DNA purification.
  • Experience with RNA purification and qPCR.
  • Experience with Excel and Matlab data analysis.

Interested candidates should send a cover email and CV/resume to zhang.lab.jobs@gmail.com